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My mind has been stuck in SA brainstorm lately, cheerfully bouncing around all my babies, but it's been stuck on Fletcher for a while now. I want to start by saying that I in no way romanticise abusive relationships! But, let's be real here, Fletcher is a Cultist and a cold-hearted son of a bitch. He revels in chaos and the pain of others (and just a wee bit of his own too). He's a class A psychopath who might be able to fake empathy but has never cared for anyone other than himself and Digend the Chaos God. Also, Fletcher is a talking horse :| If I ever encountered real life abuse, you can be damn sure I'd step in :) 

What am I looking for?
Past and present 'lovers'! I use that term lightly because Fletcher doesn't actually love. He obsesses and he controls. He abuses mentally/emotionally and, once he has grown tired of his game, physically as well. He doesn't kill unless faced with no other alternative to save his own hide, as he prefers to leave broken minds in his wake. Chaos, chaos, chaos! 

- Any gender is likely to catch his fancy though he is very attracted to flashy coats and a polished appearance. He likes clean XD He fights a constant battle to keep his own mane and tail silky smooth. Whops, sidetracked. 
- Legit any personality! Fletcher loves to challenge himself, believing that he can worm his way into any heart. Sometimes he seeks to make his target love him, other times he just really wants to tap that ass. Don't judge, he'll bite if you do. Soft personalities that are easily dominated, sweethearts that will believe any lie, or hotheads like himself that will set the world on fire if they stay together for too long, all are welcome!
- If he can leave a pregnancy behind, he'll be sooooooo happy. Such a dick.
- Relationships can run anywhere from a steamy one night stand to months of careful cultivation. Heck, he might even hang around long enough to convince your baby that he will join the herd and marry them. Only to split. 
- Fletcher is an old dude and he's been playing this sick game for years. He's had many, many lovers. Throw 'em at him!

- So, I am looking for that one special soul that somehow made or makes Fletcher feel. Someone who, for one reason or another, gets into Fletcher's heart, turns that obsession to something more. Jealous possession? Something along those lines. However long will be figured out, certainly doesn't have to be 5-ever XD (low-key pinging kei-ren for Mars?)

RPs will be rated... I don't know the rating system, but argh, don't expect to be rolling in cotton candy and good feelings!
I ain't gonna make the characters bump uglies in text, but there will be Abuse, Physical Assault, Blood and Pain all sprinkled with a heavy dose of Manipulation. Fletcher is EVIL! 
Please be a mature person :D I wanna chat and plan on skype and I definitely don't want to accidentally step on any toes through RP.

SO! All that said... GO NUTS!

:new: OH! Ad please, please, please don't take it personally if we don't end up meshing. It's really important for me to click with character AND PLAYER! <3
:new: :new: Please only characters that are already accepted into the group or will be soon <3


Staborn Alignment


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KitoGryff Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, thank you for the watch! <3
SagaWolf Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, you are most welcome!
MadAlleyCat Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Hey, thank you for watching! :)
SagaWolf Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're so welcome! I'm gathering fellow WoW artists (although I haven't done much WoW inspired art lately).
I play Will McCraine, the guy in drag at the party ;) 
MadAlleyCat Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Oh lol, the world is a small place!
He seemed like a fun character, from the very short time I had to come by  -it was quite a stressful event to host!
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